An index of all print and online articles about DKA projects and research.

2016 Journals

A Stitch in Time, by Katrina Israel
Wallpaper*, August 2016 pp.66-67 (features Calendar overalls)
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A Clever Extension That Grabs Your Attention, by Steve Dineen
City AM: Living Magazine, April, pp. 36-37 (features Sanderson House)
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Don't Move, Improve!, by NLA
Don't Move, Improve! March, p.4 (features Sanderson House)
Small is Beautiful, by David Taylor
New London Quarterly, March, pp. 22-25 (features interview with David Kohn)
Design For Living: Creative Extensions, by Ruth Bloomfield
The Times, January, p. 10 (features Sanderson House)
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2016 Books

The New Curator, by Natasha Hoare, Coline Milliard, Rafal Niemojewski, Ben Borthwick & Jonathan Watkins
April, pp. 14-21 (features A Room for London)
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Kaleidoscope: Living in Color and Patterns, by Sven Ehmann, Robert Klanten & Victoria Pease
April, pp. 156-160 (features Sanderson House)
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New Architects 3, by The Architecture Foundation
March, pp. 55-57 (features A Room For London, Carrer Avinyó and New College)
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2015 Journals

Old House, New Tricks, by Georgia Dehn
The Telegraph Magazine, September, pp. 62-67 (features Sanderson House)
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Colourful House, by Andrew Falconer
Elle Decoration Directory, September, pp. 12-13 (features Sanderson House)
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David Kohn wins New College Oxford Contest, by Laura Mark
Architects' Journal, June
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David Kohn's Sanderson House extension conceived as a fox in the garden, by Amy Frearson
Dezeen, April
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Sanderson House, by Chris Foges
Inform: Winter 2014/15, March, pp. 6-9   
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Sanderson House, by Douglas Murphy
ICON, March, pp. 71-72 
AJ Small Projects: £125k-250k, by Rory Olcayto
The Architects' Journal, February, pp.42-45 (features Sanderson House)
La Casa de las Esquina (The House of Corners), by Rocío Ley
AD Magazine Spain, February, p.48
The Architect and the Model, by Abraham Thomas
Blueprint, January, pp.74-80 
Pocket Housing, by Merlin Fulcher
Architects' Journal, January, pp.22–27 (features DKA's proposal for Pocket Homes competition)
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2015 Books

Interiors in Detail, by Dominic Bradbury
September, pp. 220 - 223, 266 - 269 (features Carrer Avinyó and Stable Acre)
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2014 Journals

Red Spread, by Ellie Stathaki
Wallpaper*, December pp.72-74 (features Sanderson House)
Great Exhibitionists, by Edwin Heathcote
Financial Times Weekend, November, p.1 (features Sotheby's S|2)
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Second Life, by Alexandra Roztočilová
Elle Décor, October, p.51 (features The White Building)
Architecture Tomorrow
The Architects' Journal, October, p.9 (features Piper Building)
Minimal Villa in the Countryside, by Massimo De Conti
Living, July (featuring Stable Acre)
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The Philosophy of Living Architecture, by Alain de Botton
Architecture & Urbanism, July, pp.126–127 (features A Room for London)
Alain de Botton on Living Architecture, by Eugenia Lim
Assemble Papers, May, pp.9–11 (features A Room for London)
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Less is More, by Rachel Elliot-Jones
Assemble Papers, May, pp.46–53 (features Carrer Avinyó)
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Showcase: Three Mayfair Galleries, by Chris Foges
Architecture Today, April, pp.22–31 (features Thomas Dane Gallery, Stephen Friedman Gallery and Sotheby’s S|2)
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Apartment in Barcelona, by Uwe Bresan
AIT Magazine, March, pp.102–107 (features Carrer Avinyó)
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If You Build It, by Shumi Bose
Blueprint, January, pp.88–106 (features DKA)
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2014 Books

Global Design, by Peder Anker, Louise Harpman and Mitchell Joachim
November, pp.160-163 (features Cloud Pavilion)
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The Perfect Mansion Block, by Winkreative
September (features DKA's collaboration with Tyler Brûlé on proposal for a new mansion block)
The Chamber of Curiosity, by Robert Klanten, Sofia Borges, Sven Ehmann
March, pp. 14 - 17 (features Carrer Avinyo)
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2013 Journals

New London 2013/2014, by NLA, London's Centre for the Built Environment
July, p. 10 (features The White Building)
Una Casa–Vascello, by Sebastiano Brandolini
Elle Décor Italia, June, pp.120–129 (features Carrer Avinyó)
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The White Building
D'A Interieurs, June, pp.67-69 (features The White Building)
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Wie Die Stadt Ins Zimmer Kam, by Timothy Brittain–Catlin
Architectural Digest, May, pp.188–193 (features Carrer Avinyó)
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Homage to Catalonia, by Ellis Woodman
Building Design, March, pp.8–11 (features Carrer Avinyó)
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Un Cottage en Open Space, by Catherine Ardouin
Marie Claire Maison, March, pp. 2–10 (features Stable Acre)
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Carrer Avinyó 34, by Pol Esteve
Abitare, March, p.2 (features Carrer Avinyó)
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Living Quarter, by Timothy Brittain-Catlin
World of Interiors, February, pp.86–95 (features Carrer Avinyó)
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Design Shortlist Balances Form Against Function, by Edwin Heathcote
Financial Times, January, p.2 (features A Room for London)
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2013 Books

RIBA Buildings of the Year, by Tony Chapman
January, p.162 (features Stable Acre)

2012 Journals

David Kohn Architects, by Valentina Mulas
Europaconcorsi, December, (features Stable Acre)
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Something in the Air, by Laura Barton
The Economist: Intelligent Life, December, pp.116–119 (features A Room for London)
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High and Mighty, by Amanda Birch
Building Design, November, pp.10–13 (features Hounslow High Street)
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New Arcadians, by Lucy Bullivant
Uncube, October, pp.46–52 (features A Room for London)
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Gallery, by Takeshi Tanimaya
With Casa, October, pp.16–21 (features Stable Acre)
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White Building, by Lee Ji-Hyun
INTERIORS, October, pp.236–241 (features the White Building)
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White Building, by Valentina Mulas
Europaconcorsi, August (features the White Building)
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Putting on a Games Face, by Elias Redstone
Monument, August, pp.74–82 (features A Room for London)
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Behind the White Building, by Crystal Bennes
Domusweb, August (features the White Building)
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Kohn’s Ark, by Edwin Heathcote
ICON, August Issue 110, pp.82–85 (features A Room for London)
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The Handmade Exhibition
Wallpaper*, August Issue 161, pp.153–155 & 184 (features Prism Pavilion)
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Cream of the Olympic Crop, by Elizabeth Hopkirk
Building Design, July, p.3 (features the White Building)
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Two Tales of the Waterfront, by Rowan Moore
The Observer New Review, July, p. 31 (features the White Building)
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Focus — A Room for London
Details, July Issue 29, pp.12–15 (features A Room for London)
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Città Olimpica, by Laura Maggi
Elle Decor Italia, July, pp.146–155 (features A Room for London)
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100 Best Hotels, by Megumi Yamashita
Casa Brutus, May Vol. 146, pp.93–96 (features A Room for London)
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Le Roi des Belges: Set sail for the Southbank, by Stephen Bayley
The Independent: Travel, February, pp.20–21 (features A Room for London)
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Oblò vista Big Ben, by Margherita Laera
IoDonna, February, pp.106–107 (features A Room for London)
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Voyage of Discovery, by Ellis Woodman
Building Design, January, pp.20–21 (features A Room for London)
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Narrative Ark, by Edward Randell
Port Magazine, January (features A Room for London)
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Kabinentheater für Olympia, by Alexander Menden
Sueddeustche Zeitung, January (features A Room for London)
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A Boat on Top of the Southbank Centre, by Hugh Pearman
The Sunday Times: Culture, January, pp.22–23 (features A Room for London)
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A Room for London, by Rowan Moore
The Observer New Review, January, p.31 (features A Room for London)
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A High Water Mark: Artists Moor Holiday Houseboat on London Roof, by Jonathan Glancey
The Guardian, January (features A Room for London)
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A Room for London, Southbank Centre, London, by Edwin Heathcote
Financial Times, January (features A Room for London)
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2011 Journals

The White Building, Hackney Wick, by Pamela Buxton
Building Design, December, pp.12–13 (features The White Building)
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A Room for London
P.E.A.R, December Issue 04, pp.31–34 (features A Room for London)
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View With a Room, by Louise Jury
Evening Standard, 6th September, pp.20–21 (features A Room for London)
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Cool Britannia, by Gemma Bowes and Joanne O’Connor
The Guardian: Travel, 6th August, p.17 (features A Room for London)
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Da Scuderia a Cottage, by Margherita Laera
Elle Decor Italia, March, pp.154–163 (features Stable Acre)
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Bridle Suite, by Dominic Bradbury
Daily Telegraph, January, pp.56–61 (features Stable Acre)
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2010 Journals

Pavillon Skyroom, by Maryse Quinton
AMC Plastics: ETFE, December, pp.28–29 (features Skyroom)
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Pavillon Temporaire
AMC Interiors, December, p.48 (features Skyroom)
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London Design Festival, by Anna Bates
ICON, December Issue 90, pp.72–73 (features Skyroom)
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One-off House Architect of the Year, by Ellis Woodman
Building Design, November Issue 1940, p.13 (features Stable Acre)
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Stable Relationship
Wallpaper*, November Issue 140, pp. 218–219 (features Stable Acre)
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A Stage for Life, by Ellis Woodman
Building Design, October, pp.12–15 (features Stable Acre)
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Rooftop Development, by Felix Mara
Architects' Journal, October, pp.35–40 (features Skyroom)
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Inspiration: Villa Necchi Campiglio, by Pamela Buxton
Building Design, September, pp.10–13
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Life Drawing: David Kohn, by Douglas Blyde
Glass Magazine, July (features Tutti a Tavola!)
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Carrer Avinyó, Barcelona, by Felix Mara
Architects' Journal Specification, July (features Carrer Avinyó)
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Fair Design, by Robert Bound
The Art Newspaper, June, p.7 (features DKA)
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Face to Face
[ark], February, pp.4–7 (features DKA)
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2009 Journals

Young Architect of the Year 2009: David Kohn Architects
Building Design, November
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The Cunning Fox behind London’s New Eclecticism, by Caroline Roux
Pin-Up, May, Issue 06, pp.26–31 (features Flash)
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The Hedgehog and the Fox, by Peter Carl
Architects’ Journal, March, pp.48–49 (features DKA’s exhibition at London Metropolitan University)
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The Sublime and the Aedicule, by Ellis Woodman
Building Design, January, Issue 1850, pp.12–13 (features Flash)
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2009 Books

Gallerie d’Arte, by Chiara Savino
September, pp.272–81 (features Modern Art)
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2008 Journals

Flash in the Pan, by Alice Rawsthorn
New York Times T Magazine, November (features Flash)
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Royal Flash, by Diane Vadino
Wallpaper*, November, Issue 116, pp.102–110 (features Flash)
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Eating as Artistic Experience, by Emma Love
The Independent, October, p.2 (features Flash)
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Events, by Margherita Laera
Vogue Italia, October, Issue 698, p.8 (features Flash)
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Kings Cross Charrette
Architects' Journal, September, pp.32–73 (features DKA’s Twin Parks proposal)
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Rags to Richesse, by Christoph Grafe
Architecture Today, September, Issue 191, pp.54–63 (features Modern Art)
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Seeing the Whole Picture, by Ellis Woodman
Building Design, September, Issue 1834, pp.12–13 (features Modern Art)
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Multiple Choice, by James Pallister
Architects' Journal, February, pp.54–56 (features Urban Vessel)
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Ground Zero
Perspective, February, p.78 (features Heterotopia)
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