2021 DKAxAA Elective

2021/22 The Future of Collaboration

Seminar Course at the Architectural Association to extend David Kohn Architects' practice-based research

The seminar The Future of Collaboration explores how architects have historically worked with other disciplines and stakeholders, and questions the role of collaboration in contemporary and future practice. Using examples from medieval craft guilds to the arts and crafts movement, from the Gesamtkunstwerk to community engagement, we build an understanding of how shifting disciplinary boundaries, questions of authorship and knowledge acquisition have reflected societal changes. In the present context of environmental collapse and the prospect of artificial intelligence becoming increasingly prevalent in architectural decision-making, we question what models of collaboration might prove most appropriate and adaptable for the future architect. In the next weeks we will be posting about the main themes which have been discussed throughout the seminar series and introduce our guests.

For more information about the course follow the Instagram page @dkaxaa here.

Michael Pawlyn
Lydia Yee