The Ulm Model

Exhibition design for 'The Ulm Model' at Raven Row

David Kohn Architects has designed the display furniture for the exhibition, 'The Ulm Model' showing at Raven Row gallery from 5th October to 18th December. This will be the first exhibition of the Hochschule für Gestaltung, or Ulm School of Design (1953 to 1968) in the UK. The school pioneered an interdisciplinary and systematic approach to design education – known as the Ulm Model – that was to become universal.

Working with curator Dr Peter Kapos, David Kohn Architects designed a series of plinths to reflect the design principles of the Ulm school. The designs for the plinths included a curved fibreglass base, and routed edging to the timber tops largely inspired by the innovative design of plastic products and detailing at the school. The exhibition included a range of models, drawings, prototypes and products created over the school's history, many of which were used designed for use in a domestic setting. David Kohn Architect's designs foregrounded these products through maintaining a distinct character from the intended function of the products.

Exhibition Design

Raven Row, London

Raven Row


Completed 2016

Design Team
David Kohn, Darren Park, Adam Perkins, Kate Ivinson


Marcus Leith