View of the Cowshed from the other side of the valley.


Manser Medal winner and AJ House of the Year 2023

Artist Suzanne Blank Redstone and her husband Peter Redstone have lived at Middle Rocombe Farm since the early 1970s. Fifteen years ago they began converting the farm buildings into a housing community: Cowshed is the final element and now contains an artist studio, office and a home, with rich connections to the surrounding landscape.

Almost all of the original cowshed has been retained, with locally sourced concrete blocks and cedar boarding enhancing its straightforward materials palette. Inside, the exposed structure and surfaces continue this acknowledgement of Cowshed’s robust agricultural character.

Cowshed demonstrates how even the most prosaic industrial structures can be reused and repurposed to make affordable, playful and welcoming homes. 



    Devon, United Kingdom


    Suzanne Blank Redstone & Peter Redstone


    Completed 2021

    Design Team

    David Kohn, Robin Turner, Adam Perkins, Dan Norman, Jenny Hill, Tom Whittaker, Jennifer Dyne.

Suzanne Blank Redstone
Marks Building Services Ltd.
Structure Workshop
P3r Engineers
Steve Anderson Planning and Development
W T Hills
George Bemment Associates
Genever and Partners

  • Photography
    Max Creasy

Manser Medal, AJ House of the Year 2023
AR New into Old Awards 2023 (commended)
RIBA South West Award 2023

Suzanne Blank Redstone and Peter Redstone sitting on the terrace of the Cowshed.
The kitchen in the Cowshed.
The terrace wrapping around the Cowshed. Door to study ahead, and round window to bedroom above.
East Elevation
Worms Eye View showing Existing Structure and New Interventions
The master ensuite at the Cowshed.
Suzanne Blank Redstone chose a yellow reveal to the rooflight, bathing the staircase in yellow light at the Cowshed.