Ice Cream Factory

Repurposing of the country’s first organic ice cream factory in Devon for a holiday home.

The Ice Cream Factory was once used to make the UK’s first organic ice cream, Rocombe Organic. The owners of the farm have commissioned DKA to convert several of the farm buildings into new houses to make a thriving new community with shared facilities.

The house is arranged around a courtyard, one side of which is the original farm building. The new elements are concrete framed and clad with the distinctive local red stone from where the farm’s name, Rocombe, comes from.

On arriving in the courtyard, the architecture frames the view of the steepest hill that stands above the valley and also the views of the surrounding landscape as you move through the building. The journey ends in a sunken kitchen with a view up the wild flower covered hillside to the west.

The first house to be completed, the Ice Cream Factory was sold off-plan to one of the UK’s leading furniture designers. DKA will be collaborating with them on the interior fit-out. The project was completed in 2018. 


House conversion







Design Team

David Kohn, Tom McGlynn, Robin Turner, Catherine Yarwood, Liisa Wickström

Momentum Engineering
P3r Engineers Ltd.

Internal Sketch
Internal Sketch
Ground Floor Plan
Plan Process Sketch
Plan Process Sketch