The red brick of the extension matches the front elevation, giving the house two faces

Sanderson House

Extension to a Victorian house in the form of a fox.

The semi-detached villa in Islington had a typical rear kitchen extension which historically functioned as a scullery. The clients have three young boys and wanted to make the most of their generous garden.

The extension is intended to feel like a pergola, with concrete columns framing outdoor spaces. A continuous sliding glazed screen allows virtually uninterrupted views outdoors and for the interior to be completely opened up to the garden in the summer.

The more formal living rooms in the front of the house were connected to the new extension through a new arched window. This offers views into the new dining room and through a circular window in the garden facade that frames a tree in the distance.

The red brick facade matches the more ornate street facade, designating the rear elevation and its relationship to the garden as of a new importance to the building. The pattern of the brickwork makes playful reference to the different geometrical relationships of the extension to the original house. 

The design acquired the form a child's drawing of a fox which are often sighted in the garden, much to the pleasure of the three young boys.


Extension to Victorian house

North London

Rupert Sanderson and Rowan Routh

Completed 2014

Design Team
David Kohn, Saya Hakamata

Hardman Structural Engineers
REM Projects

Will Pryce

Typical London house backs, piled up little architectures
The concrete frame independent of linings, the vaulted roof, lend the interior a lightness
The kitchen and dining areas stand on oak end parquet mats flushed into the concrete slab
An arched window lets borrowed light and views into the original house
A kink in the garden becomes a small sitting room
New chandeliers and globe lights
The arch and vaulted roof frame the view through the circular window of the garden
A richly coloured, textured interior architecture

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