Crescents of housing create public rooms with new facilities

Europan 9

South-facing crescents of housing with ceramic details made in local potteries.

We proposed a network of crescents that embraced the southern sun, the views across the Trent Valley and heightened one’s awareness of the gentle descent to the Caldon Canal’s edge. The new north-south urban grain would establish a connection between the city and the water that would characterise the proposed new area City Waterside. These urban vessels were to be like boats jostling in a harbour, having both interiors able to support life and exteriors providing protection from the elements.


Housing Scheme
Open Competition


Trent Valley, UK



Design Team

David Kohn, Jack Green

Bringing nature, children, relaxation into the street whilst removing on-street parking.
Improving the connection of the waterfront to the city
Each crescent is planted with a different flowering fruit tree
The strategic plan
The different building types share the same material and construction palette
Each crescent supports a dense private world