River Rooms

Urban strategy to create a necklace of public spaces along the River Thames.

Prize-winning urban strategy, exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts as part of the Richard Rogers retrospective, 'Inside Out' in 2013. 

River Rooms are exemplary public spaces along the Thames. As London grows and densifies, it will increasingly depend on such places that are accessible to all, well-connected by transport and rich with amenities.

Too often in the past developments have turned their backs on the River, or sought to offer no more than views from private apartments; piers are only considered in terms of boat access and not the contribution they could make to larger spaces of arrival and departure. ‘River Rooms’ could become a new way of understanding the city that benefit from increased river- based transport and bring previously unconnected places together.

Imagine a river bus that takes you to every riverside public garden along the Thames including the wild marshes at Rainham. Or imagine arriving in the heart of the City, in the ancient dock of Queenhithe to visit a market.


Viewing platform


Rainham, Essex


Thames Festival


In development

Design Team
David Kohn, Tom McGlynn, Robin Turner, Rae Moore

Greater London Authority
Transport for London
Lucille Clerc

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